A bit of this and a bit of that

Good afternoon.   This is my very first website after being on the internet since 1998.  First with Ebay and then with Etsy, where I still have my shop.    Do you know that every single feedback on Ebay, about 3000, was positive, and every single feedbackon Etsy, about 700, was five star.   And most of my buyers are repeat, some for as long as I have been selling my designs on the internet.  I never thought much about it except that I adore my buyers, but I realize that it holds some weight and might be meaningful to you if you are up in the air.   If you should care to glance at my previous post, you will see that I sold my work wholesale in the late 80's all the way up until 1998, when my brother built me a computer, brought it over, hooked it up,  and MADE me use it!  It changed my life.   On that note, I wish you a wonderful Saturday.



Jewelry designer, mom, and animal advocate.  Selfies with one of our rescued dogs, Buddy, 

There was really no choice but to follow a path of visual excitement and beauty. It was there from the start. I know you will see authenticity in my jewelry designs and feel the heart and soul in each piece.

I adore Interior, apparel design, and jewelry design and studied textile and apparel design in college. During this time I played with metal and gemstones and sold my first piece of jewelry at the Eastern Market in D.C. in 1985. Worked the market for several months before moving to Davis, California where I secured my first wholesale accounts in the cutest boutiques in San Francisco, Sausalito, and Mill Valley.

My work could later be seen in The National Museum of Women in the Arts and The Baltimore Museum of Art....as well as boutiques all over the nation from Kauai to the Sanibel Islands. In the early 90's the economy declined so I focused on festivals and other shows. Finally, in 1998 I found the internet

Rarely do I plan out designs or draw them. Instead I just snip off a piece of wire and go at it!! Since I am not a very neat worker, curls and scrolls and other shapes I have formed from metal, as well as piles of gemstones, sit all over my work bench and I am often inspired...finding bits and pieces of a design in this tangle of elements.

My work bench, at night,  which I cleaned up a bit to photograph.  (:  Coffee, incense, gemstones, and metal and I am at peace.   

Beautiful blue sapphires, pink tourmaline rondelles, and jaw dropping rubellite tourmaline pebbles.